Lets share our best chicken stories. If you have chickens, bet you have stories!

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Lets share our chicken stories the good and the bad. Lets remember a simpler time. Lets also remember and share why we got chickens in the first place and stories along the way to getting our dream coop. (if you made it there yet!) We all have different reasons for owning a chicken coop in our back yard.

Most of us have learned that raising chickens is NOT as easy as it looks on TV or the movies right? So there are LOTS of chicken chat rooms and forums out there. But this time its different. We are all here to share our REAL experiences in raising chickens and what we have learned. What would you do different? Would you have gotten more or less chickens or not at all? Does having chickens really bring your family close together?

We all know raising chickens is tough at times, but it really is worth it too.

When I looked at other forums and needed an answer boy was it confusing!

I am an experience farmer of poultry and have learned much about chickens over the years. Most of which I pass along to my friends and readers at the Blue Star Ranch website. I go wwwaaayyy out of my way to teach people how to care for chickens. I don’t know why I became a chicken farmer. I just LOVE teaching and learning about poultry (and fresh eggs for breakfast too!) This is the time to ask your questions and share your stories.

So sit back and relax and begin to read and share your experiences with other chicken owners. Click to follow me!

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