Growing Chicken Food FREE With Automatic “Bug Feeder”

Growing Chicken Food FREE With Automatic “Bug Feeder” Really it works!


Here at Blue Star Ranch we have taken the “hen treats” to the next level! We make our own automatic “bug feeders” Here is how it works:

1) Go to pet stores to purchase LIVE “meal worms” usually 1000 to a package
2) let mealworms come to room temperature
3) add the meal worms from the package your container
4) mealworms reproduce from egg to bug in 14 weeks

You can make your own “auto bug feeder” and house it in a shady area of your chicken coop. I use a 50 gallon feed tub. But you can use plastic pots from your garden. We add a few pounds of uncooked oatmeal and a few pounds of baby carrots. This feeds mealworms for YEARS.

So on a SMALLER SCALE: Find an empty plastic tub (the kind you store things in) or large plastic pot plant container and cut small holes in the sides about 2 inches from the bottom. Place a few 2 to 3 inch holes around the side of the container. (The chickens put their head in here later to get worm treats!) Add some dried uncooked oatmeal and a few baby uncooked carrots to the bin. Then toss in a container of your mealworms. Place a lid with small holes on top of container. Keep this worm bin in a shaded cool area of your coop.

Every few weeks, open the lid and toss out the worms to the chickens. soon, the chickens will learn to hang out at the worm bin and start sticking their head in to help themselves to worms. As for the opened holes on the sides? IF any mature black beetles “escape” from the holes…. oh well how far can he walk in your chicken coop?

This is what makes this worm bin an “automatic bug feeder”

1) the bugs escape, chicken gets treat
2) chicken puts head inside of 3 inch hole to get their own worms

You may also feed your chickens from the feed store grains and chicken crumbles or pellets. They come in a variety: regular, organic and non GMO. It’s your choice what you feed your chickens. If you plant a garden of course you will have plenty of scraps and garden leftovers to feed your chickens. But what if you want to be sustainable and grow your own food apart from using processed feeds. You may want to be “natural” “organic” or just supplement your chickens diet with fresh greens. Chickens NEED fresh grasses, greens, plants its an important part of their daily diet.

We grow our own fodder trays too at Blue Star Ranch and feed mostly organic sprouts and grains.


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