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So you have hens… Do you REALLY want to hatch eggs?


So you have a few chickens and in the spring are your thinking about hatching a few chicks? Here are a few things to consider. First get the right BREED of chicken. Most breeds from hatchery stock do not want to hatch eggs or even know why they lay eggs. So just because you have a chicken doesn’t mean she wants to be a “mama.” So a good type of chicken is perhaps a Silkie or maybe a version of a Bantam or “bannies” which are smaller chickens that seem to want to hatch eggs. They will hatch any chickens egg and not their own eggs.¬†Or just purchase a good incubator on the market. its a good idea to test the temperature wafer BEFORE you pur in your precious eggs. Do a test run with only a few eggs before hatching all of your eggs. (remember don’t put all your eggs on one basket?)

Consider your region and the weather in your area. Is this time of year too cold for baby chicks? Most hens will want to get “broody” in the spring anyway. Be sure to count on hatching LOTS of roosters! and have a place for them when they are grown (soup pot? pet stores? dog food?)

Spring will be here soon…. Ready… Set…. Hatch…!!!!