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Here Is An “Egg-celent” Idea For Community Fundraisers!


Start your own “Egg Co-op” and help YOUR community! Your chickens will pay for themselves, you can sell eggs for a fundraiser or feed the hungry AND have fun in the process! Lets ALL help each other. Today is the day.

Do you or your group organization need funds for your project? Consider an “egg carton fundraiser” Have people in your group to decorate EMPTY egg cartons with photos of coops, chickens or your school or church  or your club. Inside each egg carton place a “eggpon” (coupon)  for a FREE dozen eggs (or $2 off eggs)… when your chickens start laying, the customer gets the eggs.
SELL each egg carton to your members, parents, or people on your list. When your chickens lay eggs, the egg carton is returned  to you to get filled with fresh farm eggs. Sell decorated empty egg cartons with pre-paid coupons for $5 or $10 each!!!!! Its a GREAT way to spread information about your new community chicken coop! AND you get the funds you need today to raise your chickens and build your coop.
Call for FREE advice on starting your very own egg co-op just for fun and sharing or for regular year around fundraiser                                    profit! 281-627-8009
We will pledge our time, poultry and services to our community around us, or by phone anywhere in the USA. We will help you to successfully raise your flock, and to learn how harvest eggs or meat. This is a FREE service to companies, businesses, churches or community projects that want to offer eggs or meat chickens as a project to their group.Further, if possible Blue Star Ranch will also DONATE chickens to your legitimate business projects.
If you have skills in construction, building coops, driving, or if you can donate any supplies,(wood, wire, nails, tin)  (or call your local shelter, church or school where YOU live and help your neighbors in need where YOU live.)
Call or e-mail us now.sales@bluestar-ranch.com Also, if you just want to volunteer time to your community contact us because we are building community lists now.
This “Chicken Lady” believes that ALL of us can make a difference. Even me. I just raise chickens and I want to help the less fortunate with poultry meat and eggs. There are a lot of us in America today that have financial issues. Many food pantries are stretched to the limit in towns and churches have reached breaking points for many are at the doors knocking for help….But more and more of Americans are turning to the “new old fashioned ways” We now have more gardens, can our own healthy food. Its time America! Please pass this story on to your friends and family. God bless you all.

This is how you can help YOUR community with free eggs from you coop!


Consider starting your own neighborhood egg co-op. Each member in your group gets an “egg share allowance” from your coop per week. Great for friends, neighbors, churches, schools, and even fundraisers for your charity. Most people that have chickens enjoy the eggs (who doesn’t!) but lets look at what YOU can do to help your entire neighborhood.

Think about food pantries, homeless shelters, maybe even halfway houses that can always use extra food to share with the people inside the walls that depend on them for the next meal….      

We have all heard…..the quote  “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Proverb quotes

What about chickens and eggs? That’s right. Ask your friends to pitch in with labor or supplies on a “community coop” your DREAM coop to be kept in your yard or perhaps the back of a church or food pantry. (be sure to check the regulations and zoning permits in your area)

Be sure to follow us at Blue Star Ranch for more details on raising chickens for your community.   I PERSONALLY will donate my time via telephone to help anyone with this project. Raising chickens is my passion. Somehow, I just want to pass along my joy to others.