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What If You Find Your Chicken Died…How Do You Know How It Happened?

It can happen.. one day you walk to your coop and you will find that it can happen to ANYBODY… Your chicken (pet or farm animal) is lying there DEAD.

What went wrong? Aside from the obvious, someone left the coop door open, or your find your dog with feathers all over his dog house… what are the “tell-tale” signs on how your chicken died?

The first thing is to remove the dead bird and calm down. Now, how to find out the real reason. Look for signs around the coop first. The first thing to consider is the POSITION of the dead bird. Is she under a roost upside down? or is the bird chewed and mangled? Are there holes dug near the corners of the coop? These can be indicators of WHAT killed the bird.

In addition, in some cases you may find a “missing” bird. this is also indications of a predator in your coop. If you find a trail of feathers all over the coop or outside of your coop this was a predator attack.

If you see that the chicken was lying under the roost its likely that she was pushed off the perch by other chickens and maybe broke her neck.

There are other factors to consider as well. Sudden weather changes, drenching rains and has there been any ill chickens in your coop? If this is the case there is likely a bacterial infection in your flocks and you need to be prepared to medicate them properly.(organic or store-bought you need to take care of those birds)

Consider too, the proper way to dispose of the dead bird (funeral if it’s a pet? or proper disposal of farm waste hazards?)

In all cases the loss of chickens are sad. Devastation to some folks (pets) and an annoyance to other chicken owners. (egg producers, meat producers)

Losing a chicken to death is never pleasant, but it can happen.